His hands and feet in the world


We put our tools, trucks and bandages to work during our mission trips to Thornwell. Founded as a Presbyterian ministry in 1875, Thornwell provides a comprehensive and loving approach to helping children and families in crisis. The repairs we make on their campus may be small, but the imprint of this work on our hearts is boundless.

Good Samaritan Clinic 

We believe that good health make families and communities stronger. That’s why many of our members are actively involved in the Good Samaritan Clinic, which provides free health care, dental services, health education and spiritual counseling to people in need.

Hummingbird crafters

A brand new mission that brings together those who love to knit, crochet or craft for a cause. For example, knitters in this group create and bless scarves for our brothers and sisters who find themselves homeless or in vulnerable living conditions.


Thornwell Mission Trip

Summer 2019

Good Samaritan Volunteer Needs

Dental Assistants
Admin Support



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