Part of You

Our family of faith invites you to join us in the celebration of life here at Providence Church. There is always room for more at the table Christ sets for his family. We’d love to talk with you about the ways in which you can become a member of our flock, and of the Kingdom of Christ.

There are four opportunities for joining our active membership:

  • Transfer of letter

If you are a church member elsewhere, you can schedule a time with Dr. Bragan to have you meet briefly with the session (the governing body of the church) and request that your letter be transferred from your current church. We normally schedule these brief meetings in the church office just prior to worship service on Sunday.

  • Reaffirmation of faith

If you are not able to obtain your membership letter from another church, you may reaffirm your faith in Christ when you meet with the Session before the Sunday worship service.
The only prerequisite for becoming a member through reaffirmation is that you have already been baptized in a Christian Church.

  • Profession of faith

If you have been baptized but never became a member of a church, you may make a profession of faith by answering the same set of questions during Sunday worship.

  • Baptism and profession of faith

If you have neither made a profession of faith nor been baptized, you will need to do both to become an active member of the church.


If you do not have a church family, we urge you to prayerfully consider joining Providence. We’re here to grow, share, worship and celebrate with each other through the bonds of Christian fellowship and love, just as our Lord intended. Come and share some time with us, and let Christ and his Church become part of you.

Interested in learning more? Contact Dr. Bragan to arrange a private conversation at your convenience.